The new interactive and customisable consulting sales channel

Discover how easy it is to engage customers and optimise their consulting and sales experience.

Appointment Scheduling

Using the calendar function, appointments with customers can be easily and intuitively managed, with duration being customised to ensure abetter customer service.

Data integration

Without leaving the platform, you can access customer data from the corporate CRM. This makes it easy to prepare for each appointment by analysing preferences and previous engagement history.

Customised experience

From the initial engagement through to closing the meeting, the platform enables a constant and timely relationship with the customer, guaranteeing safety, reliability and regulatory compliance.

Intelligent navigation

Content and media can be managed centrally. While, live session tracking generates real-time reports and enables artificial intelligence for customised suggestions.

Objections management, upselling and cross-selling

Assistance is given in real-time: during the live session, the consultant can interact with the customer, exploring their needs, clarifyng any questions and proposing the most suitable options to increase the sales.

Collaborative exploration

Co-browsing and co-editing capabilities allow joint navigation between client and consultant, including simultaneous editing of documents in real time.

Payment and signature

Customers can complete the transaction with a legally binding digital signature integrated into the experience, all while maintaining constant video call support in complete security.

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