Each appointment will be a tailor-made beauty consultation

Make the presentation of make-up collections and the launch of new lines easier and more efficient by offering your customers personalised advice.

Make way for true beauty

In an increasingly fiercely competitive scenario, you can differentiate your beauty brand by helping customers to bring out their beauty, using a One-to-One Live Commerce session.

Spend more time with each customer

With Distance Sales you can turn sales sessions into veritable personalised beauty consultations. The Sales Assistants will guide the client through the online product catalogue, recommend the best colours for them, and show application and texture rendering in real-time.

The appointments will be genuine make-up lessons for customers, creating an experience that will help to consolidate the relationship and brand loyalty.

Thanks to Distance Sales, which is integrated with the company’s CRM, it is also possible to increase contact frequency by offering customers appointments at which to during which you can present new collections.

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Distance Sales Features for the Beauty Sector

  • Reach more and more customers
    Optimize the time and cost of in-store demonstrations and reach customers who are unable to travel to the shop.
  • Maximises engagement
    In an industry where trends are constantly changing, the value of an ongoing, trusting relationship with customers is the real differentiator for any brand.
  • Data Integration
    Distance Sales can be integrated with all major e-commerce and CRM platforms, such as Magento, Salesforce and Shopify, as well as with digital payment systems, for optimal management of both sales and data.

The results of Distance Sales

Find out how many customers have already integrated Distance Sales into their brand experience.