Provide service to clients with remote consultations

Elevate your business in Finance with Distance Sales, build relationships across all possible touch points, and offer a customer experience as if in a branch.

The future evolution of financial consulting

With fewer branches, Distance Sales is the ideal solution to drive the digital transformation journey of the Finance, Banking and Insurance sectors, offering customers a unique and compelling experience.

Builds trust and provides a better servicing experience

While the main demand from customers in the financial, banking and insurance industries is to have an alternative to in-person counseling/assistance, the most important consideration is the quality of the service experience offered.

Distance Sales is the innovative and revolutionary remote contact platform which creates a highly personalized customer interaction environment, offering an exemplary experience to all financial engagements.

Your clients will experience the added value of a one-to-one interaction with financial, insurance and banking advisors from the comfort of their own homes. This is in real time, and they will be supported at all stages of the advisory or purchasing process, through to contract signing.

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Distance Sales features for Finance, Banking and Insurance

  • Multiple ways of engagement
    The engagement phase between customer and advisor can take place throught chat, live video, book an appointment and QR code.
  • Reliability and security
    Secure protection of client data and continuous support during all stages of the consulting/purchasing process.
  • Contract signing
    Thanks to Distance Sales, clients will be able to sign any documents with digital signing built into the experience.
  • Real-time reporting
    Data collected in real time can be accessed to optimise the effectiveness of proposals and improve sales opportunities.

The results of Distance Sales

Find out how many customers have already integrated Distance Sales into their brand experience.