Cookie Policy

Hereafter, the owner of the Site, DS Group S.p.A. (“DS Group”), with registered office in Corso Venezia 36, 20121 – Milan (MI), e-mail address and (hereinafter, for brevity, “Owner”), provides the user with all the information about the cookies installed on the site (hereinafter, for brevity, “User” and “Site”) and the necessary indications on how to manage your preferences regarding them. For more information about the data and how it is processed, the categories of recipients, the data subject’s rights and how to exercise them, please consult the Site’s Privacy Policy.

The Data Controller acknowledges that it has appointed a Data Protection Officer (“DPO”) who can be contacted at


1.1 Definition

Cookies are small text files which the Site visited by user sends to the user’s terminal, where they are memorised in order to be sent back later to the Site during subsequent visits by the user. Cookies are used for many purposes, they have different features and they can be used both by the Data Controller of the Site which the user is visiting and by third parties. The main categories in which cookies can be divided are the following:

  • session and persistent cookies;
  • technical and profiling cookies;
  • first party and third party cookies.

1.2 Session and persistent cookies

Cookies can be erased at the end of a session with the browser (the time period between opening and closing of web browser by the user) or can be stored for a longer term. Session cookies are those allowing the web sites to link users’ actions during a browser session. Session cookies expire when the browser session ends. Persistent cookies are stored in the user’s hard drive among browser’s subfolders for variable period of time and allow to record user’s preference and actions in relation to a web site.

1.3 Technical and profiling cookies

Technical cookies are those used by the Data Controller of a web site for the sole purpose of transmitting a communication on an electronic communications network or, as strictly necessary, for sending to the provider of a service of a company the information explicitly requested by the subscriber or user to deliver that service. For the installation of such technical cookies, the prior consent of the person involved is not required where used directly from the site Data Controller.

Profiling cookies are used to create profiles relating to the user and to send advertising messages in line with the preferences expressed by the user in the context of browsing the web. Due to particular invasiveness which such cookies can have within the ambit of users’ privacy, European and Italian legislation provides that the user must be adequately informed about their use by a banner and detailed note on the site and must give his/her own explicit consent to this extent the first time visiting the site and, subsequently, every 6 months, or when one or more processing conditions change significantly or, also, when it is impossible for the website operator to be aware of the fact that a cookie has already been previously stored on the device in order to be transmitted again, during a subsequent visit by the same user, to the site that generated it. Such consent can be expressed by interacting with the banner on the home page of the site and following the instructions indicated therein or can be given or refused in selective manner by way of the following instructions. This consent is then stored to be used over the next visits. However, the user has always the possibility to totally or partially withdraw his/her consent already expressed.

1.4 First party and third-party cookies

Cookie can be first party or third-party in relation to the website or domain where they come from.

First party cookies are set up and managed by the Data Controller of the site. Third-party cookies are set up by a different domain from that one visited by the user.


2.1 Third-party cookies

On this Site, the Data Controller uses third-party cookies. Hereinafter, the Data Controller provides to the users some indications about the categories and sub-categories of third party cookies divided according to their function, as well as a description of the individual cookies and the links to the third parties privacy policies and consent forms.

2.1.1 Strictly necessary

These cookies are strictly necessary to ensure the operation and provision of the service that the User requests, therefore, do not require User’s consent.

Collection of privacy-related preferences: these cookies collect and save Users’ preferences related to the collection, use and processing of their personal data.

Cookie Type Description Duration Place
wpml_browser_redirect_test Technical WPML – Check if cookies are enabled. This cookie is enabled for all site visitors if they use the language redirection feature of their browser. User browsing session Hong Kong
wordpress_test_cookie Technical WordPress – Check whether cookies can be placed. User browsing session United States
cookieyes-consent Technical CookieYes – CookieYes uses this cookie to remember users’ consent preferences so that they are respected on subsequent visits to this site. It does not collect or store any personal information about site visitors. 1 Year United Kingdom

2.1.2. Experience Enhancement

These cookies allow the Site to offer a personalized experience to the User by improving the management of settings.

Cookie Type Description Duration Place
wp-wpml_current_language Technical WPML – Stores the current language. This cookie is enabled by default on sites that use language filtering for AJAX operations. User browsing session Hong Kong
_icl_visitor_lang_js Technical WPML – Store redirected language. This cookie is enabled for all site visitors if you use the language redirection feature of your browser. User browsing session United States

2.1.3 Measurement

These cookies allow the Data Controller to measure traffic and analyze User behaviour in order to improve User’s experience on the Site.

Analytics: these cookies allow the Controller to monitor and analyse web traffic.

Cookie Type Description Duration Place
_ga_5L5024HEMV Technical Google – Used to store and count page views. 1 Year Ireland/United States
_ga Technical Google – Used to store and count page views. 1 Year Ireland/United States


In addition to the possibility of disabling cookies by accessing the link where the relative privacy policy of third parties is present, the user can select and/or disable cookies at any time by using the specific area called “Customize” available in the cookie banner shown to the user during the first access or through specific links present on the Site. This feature allows the user to access a dedicated area where he/she can select, in an analytical manner, the cookies grouped by homogeneous categories, to the use of which the user chooses to consent or disable, as well as confirm previous choices. The list of cookies grouped by homogeneous categories, as well as the list of third parties is constantly updated.

Moreover, the user can manage preference relating to the cookies directly inside his/her own browser and to stop – for example – third parties from installing one. Through browser’s preferences is also possible to erase cookies previously installed, including the cookie where the consent to install cookies from the Site is stored in case. It is important to underline that by disabling all cookies, the operation of the Site could be compromised. It is possible to find information on how to manage cookies in your browser at the following links:


This cookie policy was updated on 14/11/2023. Updates in case will be always published on this page.