The next evolution of fashion retail

With Distance Sales you can offer a customer an “in store” experience, from the comfort of their own home, with a personal stylist always on hand to create outfits in real time.

Benefits for customers and for your brand

In an ever-evolving market, change is not an option, but a necessity. The time has come for a new shopping experience for your brand, with a new retail contact and sales channel.

Benefits for customers and for your brand

With Distance Sales, you can combine a premium shopping experience with direct purchasing.

Your customers will experience the added value of a one-to-one interaction with Sales Assistants, from the comfort of their own home, while your sales team can maximise their capabilities through a centralised, and tailor-made sales process.

With access to the product catalogue and CRM, your sales assistants can guide customers with their choices in their choice and create customised outfits with the Mix & Match function.

It is also possible to create a truly interactive experience, transferring the Live Commerce session to a smartphone to show the garments displayed in the shop, as you would in the actual store. Customer support also continues in the payment phase and as a result greatly increasing conversion rate.

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Distance Sales Features for Fashion Retail

  • Multiple engagement dynamics
    Customers can accept an appointment sent by the sales assistant or use the QR code at the point of sale.
  • Mix & Match
    Real-time outfit creation, based on customer needs and preferences.
  • Artificial Intelligence
    The platform helps maximise engagement and sales by suggesting the Best Next Action to the Sales Assistant, based on the customer profile and purchasing history.

The results of Distance Sales

Find out how many customers have already integrated Distance Sales into their brand experience.