Guide customers to choose their new car

With fewer and fewer branches throughout the country, Distance Sales allows you to be closer and more convenient for your customers in the early stages of the customer journey.

The evolution of automotive sales

Distance Sales represents the next step in the industry's long journey of digital transformation, with the customer's needs at the centre.

The new relationship between dealer and customer

While customers looking for new and used cars are increasingly changing their customer journey, the basic requirement for such an important purchase still remains trust in the seller.

Distance Sales is the platform that allows new digital dealerships to combine these two elements through a new contact and relationship channel.

During a Live Commerce One to One session, the showroom experience can be reproduced, giving all the assistance needed through an instant exchange of information and multimedia content.

By sharing the configurator on the platform, it is possible to show the customer all of the customisation possibilities and optional extras, to arrive at the final quotation and to manage all the paperwork of the sales contract, with no interruptions.

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Distance Sales Features for the Automotive industry

  • Interactive experience
    More than just photos, videos and 3D configuration. The salesperson can transfer the session from computer to smartphone and show the customer the cars displayed in the showroom, including body and interior details, recreating the dealership experience.
  • Customisation
    With this platform, it is possible to focus the session on the customer's needs in real-time, guaranteeing maximum assistance and quality of service.

The results of Distance Sales

Find out how many customers have already integrated Distance Sales into their brand experience.